I grew up and live in the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire. This is a blog that I keep as an outlet for some of the thoughts that run through my brain while I am out running, skiing, biking, climbing, boating, or otherwise exploring the beautiful White Mountains that I call my home.

I have always found that out in the woods or on top of a mountain is the only place where I can find the mental space to process the happenings in my life.  Some of my most pervasive thoughts, guiding principles, and philosophies have occurred to me on my outdoor excursions.  It is through this blog, Mountain Ponderings, that I hope to share some of these insights and unanswered curiosities.  With any luck, they might help you tackle and consider some of the same enigmas that we all confront in our daily lives.

The outdoors is often construed as a place in which the most physically superior amongst us can prove themselves, and that the strongest will invariably prevail.  We continue to see people running and climbing taller mountains, steeper cliffs, more remote areas, greater distances and doing it faster and more efficiently than ever before.  Among the shows of physical prowess, stunning photos and videography, and the social media-zation of outdoor experiences, I hope that we do not lose sight of the intellectual benefit and inspirational potential of nature and mountainside.  Mountain Ponderings is my attempt at holding on to that intellectual and spiritual side of adventure.

I challenge you: Go.  Explore.  Ponder.